Our basis

Our personnel is the basis of the success of Martínez Hermanos, S.L. Their experience, qualifications and loyalty, together with their effort and work allows us to carry out the important duty of transmitting full reliability to our clients.

The staff of Grupo Martínez Hermanos is composed of a total of 500 employees in Bata and Malabo. This pyramid begins with the section of area delegates, heads of divisions and supervisors, led by Indian employees. This section is followed by a workforce divided into several sections which every day give the best of themselves to establish in Grupo Martínez Hermanos the stamp of quality and reliability.

Under these sections we can find a broad number of qualified Guinean employees very well chosen by our human resources department. This team is composed of drivers, electricians, refrigeration technicians, bricklayers, plumbers, mechanics, welders, cleaning staff, doctors, cooks, security guards, computer technicians, accountants and others.

From the beginning, we have constantly increased the staff working for Martínez Hermanos S.L. The success of the company is based on its human team. Professionals, all of them, committed to our aim of giving service to the client, identified with the company's culture and always trying to improve its methodologies. In short, people motivated and proud of belonging to a multidisciplinary team. We would like to emphasise the reciprocal trust within the company which is reflected in the high percentage of employees who have been working with us for more than 20 years.

We try to create an environment which favours the development of all workers and encourages each one of them to optimize their potential. We stimulate both individual creativity and team work in order to maintain a good balance between institutional unity and identity and the autonomy required to maximize innovation and efficiency.

Martínez Hermanos thus grows thanks to their loyalty, experimentation and dedication