Relevant details if you travel to Equatorial Guinea

- The official currency is the CFA Franc. 1€ equals 656 CFA francs.
- SWe recommend you take Euros or American dollars. Foreign currencies must be exchanged in any bank.

Entrance requirements
- A visa is required to travel to the country. You can obtain this visa in any Equatorial Guinea consulate or embassy.

- The national electricity network is of 220 volts and every hotel has its own 220 volts electricity network. We recommend you to take adapters for flat plug sockets.

Equatorial Guinea has an equatorial humid climate. The average annual temperature is around 25 °C and the average annual precipitation is 2,000 mm. in most of the country. On the island of Bioko the rainy season is between July and January, while on the continent it rains less, from April to May and from October to December.

We recommend that while you stay in Equatorial Guinea you drink bottled water. The official language of Equatorial Guinea is Spanish. The tourists with a valid driving license can use it for a maximum period of 90 days, with no additional procedure