The founder of the company Víctor Martínez arrived in Equatorial Guinea around 1920 with four of his children. Two of them, Manuel and Antonio Martínez Solana established Martínez Hermanos (MH) in Equatorial Guinea at the beginning of 1940. Their main aim was to export products such as coffee, cocoa and others from Equatorial Guinea to Spain (Valencia). Throughout the years Martínez Hermanos has continued to grow until they have become one of the biggest import companies of Equatorial Guinea.

Manuel Martínez Abolafio, with his decisive philosophy where “there is nothing better than hard work and effort”, together with his brother Fernando Martínez Abolafio, with his distinctive serenity and vision for business, represent the third generation of Martínez Hermanos.

We began our first import/export activity in 1940, in the city of Bata, and at present we develop our commercial activities in the main cities such as Bata and Malabo as well as in other areas such as Ebebiyim, Mongomo, Akurenam, Anisok, Akonibe, Cogo, Niefang, Evinayong, Mbini, Nsok, Corisco and many others within the Equatoguinean continent. Taking advantage of our frontiers, we take our wide range of products to Cameroon and Gabon.

Our broad experience, accumulated over more than 70 years in the Equatoguinean market, allows us to maintain the same principles of good practice and effort while always offering maximum quality.
The company was founded on the spirit of struggle which, throughout the years and with great effort, has been transmitted from father to son and from son to grandson, thus allowing to create in this third generation a young staff of managers.

The company Grupo Martínez Hermanos S.L. is at present the leader company of the food sector in Equatorial Guinea, and we will keep on improving each day in order to offer maximum reliability and quality at the best price to our customers.