Martínez Hermanos Foundation 1927

The commitment of Martínez Hermanos with society has always existed, as it was founded as a socially responsible company, aware of the role it plays in the Guinean community and always supporting social activities aimed at improving the situation of the disadvantaged.

In 2013 we will go a step further creating the 1927 Martínez Hermanos Foundation aimed at focusing on and organising the different initiatives the company carries out in the social and care fields and willing to open new ways of participation in activities of public interest.

Objectives of the Foundation

· Promote the improvement of the social environment for the sake of greater equity.
· Increasing people's quality of life and improving the environment.
· Promoting changes in attitudes and values which involve a deeper commitment of everybody towards the improvement of society.

Fields of action

M.H. 1927 promotes social development in the following fields: social care, health, education, employment, restoration and equipment.

The geographic scope of action focuses on Equatorial Guinea and meets the necessities of the community.

The work of the Foundation is to search for formulas or programmes which allow to make part of the assets of the company, whether economic, technical or human, available to the disadvantaged. The objective of consistency seeks the activities developed to become integrated, in a natural way, into the operations of the different areas of the company.