At present Grupo Hermanos Martínez is a strong and consolidated company as a result of its ability to establish, develop and diversify its commercial activities, in order to adapt to the necessities of an increasingly competitive sector.

One of the differential factors of our group is being totally self-sufficient, able at any time to resort to the professional and technical team for the maintenance, repair and installation of any kind of infrastructure and services.

Our capacity in cold-storage and freezer chambers is around 7.000 tonnes in the city of Bata and 3.500 in Malabo, aimed at import, sale and distribution of fish, quartered poultry meat, pork, beef and several products for supermarkets.

In order to guarantee trade between Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, the company has a boat with 600 T capacity and a fleet of 50 industrial vehicles.

For unloading at ports, as well as for the delivery among our clients we have a fleet of more than 300 vehicles such as refrigerated trucks, platform trucks and others.

At present the company has finished the construction of a new industrial estate in Bata so we have 90.000 square metres of surface and 25.000 square metres for storage, all of it located less than 500 m. away from the main port of Bata. And in the city of Malabo we have two industrial estates: one for frozen goods and the other one combining frozen and dry goods. For this purpose we have 50.000 square metres of surface and 15.000 square metres for storage.