Martínez Hermanos is permanently collaborating with the community. Right from the beginning Mr. Víctor Martínez already built a small church 12 kilometres away from Bata to help the three adjacent villages, a building that still remains. Several years later one of his sons, Mr. Manuel Martínez Solano, would do the same building the present Church of Machinda, 25 kilometres away from Bata.

Since then, Martínez Hermanos has maintained a close bond with the community collaborating with missionaries, schools, the youth, sports and others.

In Equatorial Guinea there have always been numerous religious and non-religious volunteers, brothers, sisters, congregations and missionaries who arrive with the intention of leaving everything behind to help their neighbours. We have always been as supportive as possible with them.
Among them all there is a very special missionary who has stood out by doing the impossible to create small villages in the remotest places of the woods of Guinea. She has built houses, schools and villages. We call her sister Magdalena and we have helped her in the few things she asks for. Recently we have given her a generator to provide electricity.

Taking into account that the future of Guinea depends on how we educate the youth, Martínez Hermanos collaborates with several institutions for the training of youngsters providing economic aid for school and building material, etc.
Recently we have begun a collaboration programme with the Colegio de Formación Profesional de LA SALLE [a vocational training school] to help those who graduate and give them a job. Martínez Hermanos has made a commitment to hire every year two graduates from this school.

Since 1996 Martínez Hermanos collaborates with the youth incorporating each summer ten students in different working environments for their vocational training. These students work for half a workday and receive an economic quantity every week for that.

Healthy mind in a healthy body! Since 1993 Martínez Hermanos helps in the development of sport collaborating with different football teams providing equipment, footballs and economic aid.

In August of 2003 Martínez Hermanos organised the first edition of the Vino Casa Cup, which was won by the Club Deportivo Mongomo.